Life Insurance

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Flexible options for your financial plans


Getting The Life Insurance Coverage You Deserve!

NEC has been helping residents with life insurance for the past 30 years. Life insurance can help carry out your hopes and dreams for the future—even after you’re gone. In its simplest form, life insurance can protect your beneficiaries against economic loss caused by premature death. The proceeds go to them free and clear — generally exempt from federal income tax. Depending on the type of life insurance policy you choose, your coverage will be different. At NEC Insurance, we offer flexible life insurance options to suite all your needs, whether that means whole life insurance, term life insurance, universal, or variable life insurance. It can also be a versatile tool to address other needs within a broad financial plan:

  • Helping ensure a business continues after a principal’s death

  • Providing benefit program funding to retain or attract key executives

  • As a funding vehicle for their retirement plans

  • Replace some of the income you would have earned

  • Education funding

  • Paying off a mortgage


NEC Provides:


  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Term Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Variable Life Insurance


NEC Can Provide Life Insurance Coverage With:


  • Guarantees

  • Premiums that fit your budget

  • Flexible features that can adapt as your needs change and your family or business grows

  • The ability to build up tax-deferred cash value